Where do you deliver?
Meerkat delivers throughout South Africa. We only sell our products within South Africa and cannot fulfil international orders yet.

How much does delivery cost?
All local deliveries are FREE.

How do I know when my order is being sent to me?
As soon as your order has been received and paid for you will be updated by email. When your order is picked up by my courier you will again be updated by email

How long does manufacturing take?
Products are shipped within 5 working days from the confirmation of your order and payment, if stock is available. Otherwise the lead times for the manufacturing of your products may vary from 4-6 weeks.

How long does delivery take?
Delivery will depend on the destination, but will not exceed 5 working days till delivery.

How do I take care for my leather product?
Please refer to the ‘Leather Care’ tab on the MEERKAT website.

Do you use meerkat leather?

No. The business was inspired by Amanda's two family meerkat pets, Kierie & Mierie; therefore the name MEERKAT.

Do you use lining for all your bags?

No. Please see the description of the bag to see if it contains lining or not.